Painting Conservation

What Does a Fine Art Restorer Do?

Why should you choose Art Restoration Foundation for your fine art restoration ?

  • At Art Restoration Foundation we strictly adhere to these principals:-

    • We can repair these tears, even if there are peices missing, we can repairs those problems also.
    • Observing the "principle of minimalism" in treatment strategies
    • Observing the "principle of reversibility" in treatment methods
    • Adhering to the code of ethics
  • Restoring and conserving your inherited antique paintings will give them a new appeal and put them in good shape for the next generation. If you wish to sell them, you probably need to clean and repair them to enhance their value.

    If you are a collector, dealers, or gallery owner in Delhi or else where, having Leena as a trusted restorer enables you to buy damaged dirty and aged antique art works at often remarkably low prices with the confidence that you will enjoy unusually high profit margin.